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We are The Dad Network, where hundreds of thousands of parents go each week for inspirational, original and informative content that quenches their interests, passions, and questions.

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Our Content

The Dad Network is all about community and we enjoy sharing articles from a whole host of parents, with varying experiences and parenting styles. We hope to promote a range of parenting experiences in the hope that our readers can make informed choices about what works for them.

Our Tone

 We don’t believe in 1 font of all knowledge. We share content that’s warm, friendly, encouraging, supportive, open-minded and positive.

Topics We Love

1. Inspiring, personal stories

2. Product Reviews

3. Baby & Toddler How to’s

4. Useful Tech for the Modern Parent

5. Activities to do with the Kids

6. Days Out / Travel

7. Easy, Child-Friendly Recipes

8. Fitness Tips for the Busy Parent

9. Life Tips (that are actually useful!)

Hints & Tips

1. Be honest & authentic in your writing

2. We welcome controversial topics but resort to shock tactics

3. Keep it respectful bearing in mind the diversity of our readership

4. Ask the question, ‘What will the reader get out of reading your article?’

5. Avoid slang & colloquial language

6. Try & think of creative titles to hook your reader

7. Please spend time to spell & grammar check your article (We will edit where needed, but if an article is submitted that needs all but re-writing, we simply won’t publish)

8. Join our Dad Network Contributors Facebook group – it’s in this group that we’ll share opportunities for product reviews and content ideas.

Content Guidelines

 1. All articles need an image to accompany the post. This image must either be owned by you or a completely royalty free image. You can’t just grab snaps from Google images!

2. You may link to your own personal blog, social media channels or website. Feel free to include a short bio of yourself.

3. We will convert all links that aren’t personal blogs/websites to no-follow.

4. We won’t publish any article that has been compensated by a brand or company.

5. Please share your articles on your own social media, tagging The Dad Network where appropriate.

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