Win A Venturer 2in1 Elite Notebook In Time For Christmas!


We’ve been lucky enough to work with Venturer UK on our gift guides this year and now it’s time for us to give something back to you, our readers!

Venturer UK 2in1 Elite is the perfect treat for under the tree this Christmas. This 2in1 notebook lets you flip between tablet and laptop easily. Whether you need a device for work or play, this can certainly meet your needs. 

It’s stylish, easy to use and light weight!

All you have to do to enter is show some love to our lovely sponsors (and us!).

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  1. Phil Morris on

    I have no scruples ! I will love you even more if I win the Venturer 2in1 Elite Notebook. Don’t tell my wife !

  2. Alister Williamson on

    Nice one. I need a new notebook. I will love you even more Venturer, and AJ if I win it

  3. Grear prize from the page community on Facebook, the dad network really supports us all. Hats off to you all
    I’ve never won anything fingers crossed I win this, would help alot

    Cheers Rob

  4. Craig Davison on

    Looks a great piece of kit. Good functionality and great for getting things done.

    It’d be fantastic to win one!

    Thanks for the chance

  5. Fabulous prize! Just what I need to stimulate more arguments between my three kids over who is using it now, next, later, this evening, tomorrow and this weekend… Or perhaps for the wife who can then sacrifice her tablet to the kids…

  6. Rachael O'Brien on

    Oh wow this would be perfect for my family ! I have a 12 year old, 16 year old at college and I’m starting a degree end of January (single mum and the ripe old age of 35!) would be hugely appreciated thankyou for this chance !

  7. Gavin Watson on

    I’ve absolutely got to win this. It would be ideal for my youngest to do his activelearn school work on at home seeing as he will be retired by the time my Acer laptop boots up for him.

  8. Josh turner on

    Cheers to A great company Venturer UK for the support they give to the dad network. We need more companies like this in the world helping the little people that matters

  9. Daniel Wright on

    This would be fantastic. It would be put to good use with my air cadet unit. I will be able to do admin on the move and then use it to help teach the cadets flight planning and work towards their BTec.
    Thanks to AJ and all at the Dad Network for arranging this and providing such a great resource.

  10. Love for you and the sponsors, that’s easy as bagging this would be amazing to help with my own car club blog and getting going on the app I have in mind to help my kids learn their martial art!

  11. What an awesome prize, would be a real help to the volunteer group I am Chair of, we campaign for better access in our local community for people with a variety of disabilities, educating businesses, and councils.

  12. Christina Palmer on

    What a fantastic giveaway somebody is going to have a fantastic Christmas if they are the lucky winner

  13. I have a 16 year old who would love this and I would too as it would stop him asking to borrow mine.

  14. I have a 16 year old who would love this and I would too as it would stop him asking to borrow mine.

  15. Mel Brolly on

    This would be perfect to share between my two older kids. One is at college studying primary education and the other is about to do his GCSEs. This would be great for all their coursework.

  16. Julia Mason on

    Oh just perfect. Im currently using my sons old laptop, with a usb keyboard plugged in as half of his keyboard doesnt work! :)

  17. This would be fabulous to win, I’m in serious need seeing as mud alter dropped a whole glass of milk onto my laptop last week Andy now it’s broken!!! Fingers crossed x

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