The Dad Network Local Meetups Map

Please find below a list of our current Local Groups. If there’s not one near you let us know and we’ll let you know when one starts.

We’d also welcome new regional leaders and continue the growth of our amazing support network:

Athlone, Ireland

Bedfordshire, England

Berkshire, England 

Brisbane, Australia

Bristol, England

Buckinghamshire, England 

Cambridgeshire, England

Cardiff, Wales

Cheshire, England

Cornwall & Devon, England

Dunedin, New Zealand

East Kent, England

East Sussex, England

Edinburgh, Scotland

Essex, England

Glasgow, Scotland

Hertfordshire, England

Leeds, England

Leicester, England

Madison, Wisconsin, USA

Manchester, England

Montreal, Canada

North Hampshire, England

Norwich, England

North Colorado, USA

Nottingham, England 

Polk County, Iowa, USA

Sheffield, England

Singapore, Singapore

South East London, England

South Hampshire, England

South Bay, California, USA

Suffolk, England

Sunderland, England

Warwickshire, England

West Kent, England

West Lothian, Scotland

West London, England

West Midlands, England

West Yorkshire, England

Western WA, USA

Woking, England