To many, this may just be an ordinary, every day photo…


To many, this probably looks like just an every day photograph of two cheeky children in bed.

But this photograph is so, so much more than that.

This photograph represents the moment I was able to put both my children in their bedtime bath for the first time.

The moment I was able to wrap them both up in snugly new celebration pyjamas.

The moment I was able to read them both a story, or four. (Because why not eh!)

The moment I was able to tuck both my children in bed and kiss them both goodnight.

The moment I wished them sweet dreams and knew that we’d all be waking up together in the morning.

This photograph is of the FIRST time my daughter has stayed at her Daddy’s in all of her five and a half years. It will be a photo that will be treasured. A permanent reminder of one of the most wonderful evenings I’ve ever had.

This evening I sit with my beautiful wife and super step-son whilst both my children sleep soundly upstairs.

Something most parents take for granted, but something that has taken five and a half years to become a reality.

This evening I am a lucky man.



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