How it works

Members from within The Dad Network have been aksing for a space to share their businesses with other dads for months and months. Finally, here it is.

The Dad Network Business Directory.

Listing your business

Listing your business is easy. Simple click this link and fill out the form.

The reason the form is so long is because the more information you can give, the more likely you’ll attract business. Feel free to add as much or as little as you wish.

Once listed, you are able to go back into your account and edit your listing at any time.

Listing & recommending other businesses

Another great aspect of this directory is that you can also upload other businesses, attractions, cafe’s, parks, services etc etc.

The Dad Network is all about community and this aspect allows you to recommned places and spaces to other parents. Simply follow the same listing procedure as above and hey presto, you’ve listed your recommendation.


Build your potential business by asking other people who have used your services to review them. The better the reviews & comments, the more clients you’ll attract.

Simply click on the stars to share your review.

Dads 4 Change – Baby Change Facilities

We’ve been building one of the worlds largest databases of dad-frinedly or unfriendly publich nappy changing facilites online. We’ve now transferred that data in to this directory so you can search for dad-friendly facilities near you.

You can upload more friendly or unfriendly facilities to continue to build the database in the same way as creating a listing.