Ted’s Christmas Book Advent LIVE


Our Christmas traditions start off, each year with a Christmas Book Advent. During advent, Ted unwraps a new, Christmas book, every day and we read it before bed. It is such a lovely alternative to those chocolate filled calendars. Check out his adorable reaction to last years:

Each day, from 1st December, Ted will be choosing, unwrapping and reading a different book before bed. We will create special family time each evening to just be together, uninterrupted, to enjoy the chosen book each day.

Not only will we be sharing this on our Instagram, but we’ll also be unwrapping & reading the books LIVE on our Facebook each night @ 18:45 (ish).


We know how busy the run up to Christmas is though, so we’ve also listed the first selection of books below for you to look at.

We’ve found some really lovely books and I know what you’re thinking…£££! But we’ve found them at great prices. Often, you can find some amazing deals on Amazon & eBay and you can even find some free eBooks too. Remember though that the books do not have to be new. You could borrow them from the local library or source them from local charity shops or Christmas Fairs. The great thing is that any books you find can be used again next year too.

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Here we go then:


Alfie is counting down the days until Christmas. he’s opening his ascent calendar, decorating the tree and writing his letter to Father Christmas.


It’s Christmas Eve and Peppa and George are waiting for their best Christmas present ever…


Baby bear can hardly wait for Christmas. But first there’s lots to be done and some special visitors are coming.


At every house Father Christmas eats and drinks the tasty treats that have been left for him. But when he reaches number ten he realises that he really, really needs a wee.


Mrs Pepperpot’s habit of shrinking gets her into all sorts of scrapes. She is just about to go to the Christmas market when she shrinks. How will she get presents for all her friends in time for Christmas?


It’s Little Duck’s first Christmas and she is desperate for Christmas Bear to visit with his sack of presents but she is unsure if she has been good enough.


It’s Christmas Day and the whole family have come to visit. Baby bear and his cousins are so excited. But suddenly they realise Grandbear doesn’t have a present.


Re-telling the Christmas story, you’ll find donkeys with fluffy ears, wooly sheep and baby Jesus in a soft blanket.


Father Christmas goes on a search to find the ideal holiday spot.

  • Santa’s Busy Day

A rhyming moving picture book. Santa is tired getting ready for Christmas and needs the help of his reindeer friends.


Cynthia the sheep loves Christmas so much that she travels to the North Pole to help out Father Christmas. Disaster strikes!


Mouse receives and invitation to spend Christmas with Rabbit. The more he prepares for the journey, the more things seem to go wrong.


When Santa sets off to deliver the presents poor Christmas Bear is left behind. How will he make it to Tom’s house in time for Christmas?

  • Kath Smith and Becky Brookes – Dear Santa


When Kit move house on Christmas Eve he suddenly remembers that Father Christmas doesn’t have his new address.


One Winter’s night a snowman comes to life and a magical adventure begins.


T’was the night before Christmas, when all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. A magical classic.


There’s poop, presents and prehistoric creatures in this festive feast.


Lift the flaps to unwrap each present.


Father Christmas is grumpily making his rounds.


Poor Santa is boiling in his hot, fluffy beard. His beard flies off to find a new face.


Well I guess it is a busy day for him…


This does exactly what it says on the cover! Ha!


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