Extreme Sports to try in the UK

Here at SportsDadHQ, we’ve partnered with ExtremeSportsX Magazine to bring you some fantastic articles that might interest you. We want …

Category: Sports

By Al Ferguson


Introducing The Dad Vlog

If you didn’t know already, we’ve launched our very own YouTube channel containing The Dad Vlog. In short, it’…

Category: New Dad

By Al Ferguson


Looking for the Perfect Diet

Keeping up with the latest health trends is next to impossible. It seems as though as soon as you think you …

Category: Healthy Recipes

By Matt Orlando


The Emergency Fast Food Guide

We’re proud to be bringing you the first article from our sponsor, Protein Dynamix. It just goes to show that …

Category: Healthy Recipes

By Al Ferguson


Shaving…. ggggrrrrr!

I think you can guess from the title of this post, I am not a fan of shaving When I say …

Category: How To

By John Roberts


Hitting the Target ..

Harking back to my childhood in the mid 1980s the Black Widow Catapult was quite literally the weapon of choice for …

Category: Sports

By Rob P