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Having ‘Me Time’ makes you a better Dad | …

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Rock climbing, mountain boarding, mountaineering, fell running, mountain biking, road cycling, triathlons, football, tennis, traction kiting, camping… These are just some of the hobbies I used to pursue before children.… Read more

By Al Ferguson

Is this the best camera for families? | LUMIX …

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Capturing precious moments as the children grow up is, without a doubt, one of the most important things for my wife and me. We each have 20,000+ photos on our… Read more

By Al Ferguson

Help! My toddler doesn’t sleep | Expert Tips

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When Teddy was 7 months old I came home from work and found Jen, my wife, in tears. She was still in her pyjamas from the night before and hadn’t… Read more

By Al Ferguson

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Dad Terms & Conditions

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No-one ever reads the terms & conditions of anything anymore… And we have no idea what we’re signing up to… Being a dad is no different!!! It’s just like reading Terms & Conditions,… Read more

By Al Ferguson

#dadsforchange scores major victory in high street campaign

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On 7th February 2016 Ted and I posted a video showing our under cover mission to find dad-friendly baby change facilities in our local town. Hopefully you’ve seen the video… Read more

By Al Ferguson

Do You Remember When… #mothersday

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Dear Mummy, Do you remember when… I was born and the midwife laid me gently on your chest. Your face was sheer amazement, elation, shock and I could see you… Read more

By Al Ferguson


Your children are never too young to talk …

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In recent years, the sexual abuse of children has been highly publicised due to the likes of the Jimmy Savile Inquiry and more recently with the FA abuse scandal. With… Read more

By Liam Todd

iCandy lower their prices!

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British Luxury has never been more affordable This year was an incredibly exciting year for iCandy, the brand received the Queens Award for International Trade and we saw the launch… Read more

By Al Ferguson

How To Create a Successful Bedtime Routine

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‘Every night before you go to bed Bath, feed and then read to your baby!’ Without doubt, the best piece of advice I was given on becoming a parent. This… Read more

By Martin Lee

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Dads are Willing to Take a Pay Cuts …

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It’s been all over the news today that UK dads are wanting less stressful jobs so they can have a better work-life balance and spend more time with their kids.… Read more

By Al Ferguson

Teach your kids how to ‘date’

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After reading the metro article, ‘Daddy daughter dates are everything that is wrong with the world’ written yesterday, I went to write a comment on the thread and realised that what… Read more

By Stephen Morris

Being a Stay at home dad is NOT …

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Ever since becoming a Stay at Home Dad, I’ve been kept on my toes. As Chase gets older, my life only seems to get more hectic. Can someone tell me… Read more

By David Starkie


2 Valentines Day Recipes Sure to Impress

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It’s that wonderful time of year again when the people we love put pressure on us to do something special, but we still end up doing the same thing, order… Read more

By Lewis Brown

Valentines day as a Couple (of parents)

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Most years, for Valentine’s Day, myself and my wife used to go all out. Hotel in the countryside, champagne (she doesn’t like it so more for me) and chocolates. The… Read more

By Stephen Morris

“I have night terrors now I’m a …

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I’ve always been a light sleeper. Ever since I was 12 and woke up to see, what was definitely, a ghost glide past my bedroom door, every bump in the… Read more

By Sam Smith


The Dad App

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The Dad App 2017 is going to a big year for The Dad Network with the launch of our very own #DadApp All the aspects of The Dad Network will… Read more

By Al Ferguson

What are dads buying their kids for Christmas?

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We asked the dads from with The Dad Network what they’re buying their children for Christmas. There are so many lists bounding around of what people ‘think’ dads will be… Read more

By Guest Writer

Best Black Friday Deals The Ultimate Parent’s …

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Black Friday is finally upon us (well, almost) and by the looks of things, it’s going to be even bigger, with more money being spent, than ever before in the… Read more

By Al Ferguson

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