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How To Teach Your Kids To Love Books

1 | Category: How To

Recently I was lucky enough to attend a workshop with children’s books author Kaye Umansky (‘Pass The Jam Jim’, The ‘Pong Wify’ Series, ‘I Don’t like Gloria’). The workshop was… Read more

By Martin Lee

Help! How do you cope with a child …

0 | Category: New Dad

It began last Thursday. There were just a couple of spots at first. Then they grew into tiny blisters, multiplied, spread and… soon enough, we knew it was chickenpox. Our… Read more

By Steve Baxter

Seven Fun and Engaging activities to do on …

6 | Category: New Dad

*ADVERTORIAL BROUGHT TO YOU IN ASSOCIATION WITH  APTAMIL GROWING UP MILKS The third and final post in our Science of Play series, in association with Aptamil Growing Up milks, covers some… Read more

By Al Ferguson

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#dadsforchange scores major victory in high street campaign

6 | Category: Lifestyle

On 7th February 2016 Ted and I posted a video showing our under cover mission to find dad-friendly baby change facilities in our local town. Hopefully you’ve seen the video… Read more

By Al Ferguson

Do You Remember When… #mothersday

0 | Category: New Dad

Dear Mummy, Do you remember when… I was born and the midwife laid me gently on your chest. Your face was sheer amazement, elation, shock and I could see you… Read more

By Al Ferguson

“I’m Not Ready to go Back to …

101 | Category: New Dad

You are asleep upstairs in your cot, surrounded by your snugglies and looking beautiful. If I could lay next to you I would, but instead I have to make do… Read more

By Mrs DadNetwork


“A gay dad…? No, I’m just a …

1 | Category: Guest Dads

Is it different being a dad if you’re gay? Tom Cox describes his journey to becoming a father, and argues that sexuality does not define who you are as a dad. … Read more

By Steve Baxter

How to… choose the right nursery

0 | Category: Community

Choosing a nursery can be daunting, infuriating and downright confusing. But this guide for dads should help you make that crucial choice and find somewhere that will keep your little… Read more

By Steve Baxter

Your children are never too young to talk …

0 | Category: Bits and Bobs

In recent years, the sexual abuse of children has been highly publicised due to the likes of the Jimmy Savile Inquiry and more recently with the FA abuse scandal. With… Read more

By Liam Todd

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7 CBeebies shows that are actually works of children’…

3 | Category: Lifestyle

There was a time when you’d be frowned upon as a parent for plonking your little lovelies in front of children’s TV. But the good news for us is that we’re… Read more

By Steve Baxter

Dads are Willing to Take a Pay Cuts …

0 | Category: New Dad

It’s been all over the news today that UK dads are wanting less stressful jobs so they can have a better work-life balance and spend more time with their kids.… Read more

By Al Ferguson

Teach your kids how to ‘date’

9 | Category: New Dad

After reading the metro article, ‘Daddy daughter dates are everything that is wrong with the world’ written yesterday, I went to write a comment on the thread and realised that what… Read more

By Stephen Morris


Divorce mediation – A dad’s guide

0 | Category: Lifestyle

In early February last year, I discovered something rather obvious to some people – the brain can be both a blessing and a curse during times of stress.  One day,… Read more

By Antony Ramfos

How to cut the family food shop from £120 …

0 | Category: How To

Healthy eating does not have to be expensive and there are many ways to cut down the costs of the food shop. With just a little extra time spent on… Read more

By Al Ferguson

2 Valentines Day Recipes Sure to Impress

0 | Category: How To

It’s that wonderful time of year again when the people we love put pressure on us to do something special, but we still end up doing the same thing, order… Read more

By Lewis Brown


Philips Avance Collection Centrifugal Juicer Review | #healthyhabitswap

0 | Category: Lifestyle

Since Ted’s birth 2 and a half years ago, I’ve slowly put on weight and lost my fitness. The days of nipping out for a quick jog or cycle seemed… Read more

By Al Ferguson

The first time you use a Cosatto

0 | Category: Reviews

That first time you see your team win Your first beer The first time you go on holiday with your mate… …all of these firsts pale into nothingness when compared… Read more

By Phil Palmer

The amazing story of Lego – from Billund to …

1 | Category: Dad Gadgets

As an aspiring toy inventor, the story of Lego  has inspired me incredibly.  The latest Batman movie is exceptionally brilliant and is a reminder how far the Lego brand has come… Read more

By Nick Farnsworth

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